About Us

Corporate Culture

Yiwu Yiyun Clothing Co., Ltd. is willing to make a contribution to the construction of the global market and provide convenience and satisfaction for customers with our high-quality products and services. With the tenet of win-win cooperation and mutual benefit, we understand that cooperation and concession will make trade easier and more effective. Therefore, we are eager to build a mutually beneficial and win-win market with our global friends.


Company profile

Yiwu Yiyun Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018. Its predecessor was Qianse Rainbow Underwear and Shoulder Strap Factory with 15 years of experience in underwear production and sales. It was founded based on market globalization and aims to join the global market with high-quality products and services and a stable supply chain with a concentrated attitude towards cross-border trade. Our company has a large amount of spot stocks to cope with spot supply and meet the needs of customers with fast supply rhythm. Our solid experience in underwear production for 15 years also gives us the ability to customize high-quality products. 


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